A Habit That I Need (And Want)

So I have been quite successful with the no Coke and candy thing so far. It has only been five days, but a surprisingly effort-free five days at that, and I figured if I’m doing so well on eradicating a habit, I might just as well try and take on a new one in its stead. A good one. This one is about writing.

I just read an article at freelancefolder.com, which talks about some good ways to kick-start the writing habit. Most of these were not new to me, but it was nice to have a short overview of the most basic and usually most successful ways to fight the block. There was one that stood out especially, and I decided it was one that I have to try. It is about making a commitment, and I need to learn how to make commitments and really stick to them, so it would also be a nice learning experience.

The advice says that I should schedule a regular time for me to write, and show up even when I’m not sure I will write anything. That will let my subconscious know it’s writing time, and the habit would soon ease getting into writing mode for my brain. It is said to work really well with eradicating writer’s block. Not that I complain of having writer’s block – most of the time it’s just my own laziness that keeps the words from coming out, which underlines even more clearly the need for me to discipline myself in the writing department. If I’m going to become a journalist or write anything at all, I will need some self-control. I will need to be able to write regularly – even when whatever I’m putting down is crap, because everyone writes crap sometimes. Even the really good writers. At least they say so…

So I will take a look at my school schedule tomorrow and decide on the time most suitable for me to set aside for writing. And I will show up. Every day. We’ll see how long I can keep that up. Hopefully my whole life. Or until something comes up that changes my plans and turns them into something even better.

Until that time comes along, I will keep working with what I have.

2 thoughts on “A Habit That I Need (And Want)

  1. Mina avastasin, et seoses Sisaliku kirjutamisega on mul käsi ja pea kuidagi eriti lahti kirjutatud.

    St et kui palju kirjutada, siis see läheb lihtsamaks kuidagi. Hakkan kuidagi tekstistruktuurides mõtlema ja see on huvitav.

  2. Seda olen isegi kogenud, et mida rohkem kirjutada, seda lihtsamalt läheb. Kõige hullem on alati algus – see hetk, kus pole veel mingit harjumust ega voolu, aga pihta peab kusagilt hakkama.

    (Ja vabandust, et ma alles nüüd kommentaarile vastan, ma olen blogimises veel natuke koba. Heh-heh.)

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